Let's explain how oxy-combustion technology works

alstomby Alstom Power.

Oxy-combustion consists of burning fossil fuel in a mixture of oxygen, produced in and Air Separation Unit (ASU) and re-circulated flue gas, resulting in a flue-gas rich in CO2 (free of nitrogen, contrary to conventional fossil-fuel power plants).

The pure oxygen is supplied by a cryogenic Air Separation Unit (ASU) which is a mature technology supplied by numerous international companies worldwide.

The oxy-combustion boiler, has been the "heart" of oxy-combustion technology development at Alstom for more than a decade. Starting with research and laboratory pilot in the 1990's, we have now fully validated the pilot-scale phase.

Alstom has also a comprehensive development programme for the Gas Processing Unit (GPU) ; its function is to further treat and process the flue gas downstream of the oxy-boiler to deliver CO2 at the required specification for its transport and storage. As part of the validation programme, a mobile pilot unit has been built to be tested under multiple oxy configurations.

Alstom is proposing an integrated approach of oxy-combustion aiming at optimizing both economic and technical deliverables of the oxy power plants.

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Key features of oxy-combustion CCS technology

  • All boiler configurations and firing systems eligible (conventional boilers, tower type and 2-pass as well as CFB)
  • A robust technology (main subsystems proven and.or developed from existing processes)
  • Large range of possible fuels (coal, lignite, biomass, wastes, fuel oil, natural gas)
  • CO2 purity optimized for each projects (typical 95% or up to 99.9% when required)
  • Offer options for improved operational flexibility